Our Customers

At Maurice Sedwell we believe in delivering our customers perfect products and services.

We cherish our record of total customer satisfaction which we always aim to maintain.

Politicians, captains of industry, entertainers and international business people from all over the world make their way to Maurice Sedwell with the knowledge that they will be dressed to perfection.

Many of our customers prefer to remain anonymous, some are kindly pictured here.


"Andrew Ramroop is not a tailor. Andrew Ramroop is an artist... Wherever you are in the world, whichever room into which you walk, no matter who’s surrounding you, you are always the best dressed man or woman in the room. And that’s a feeling of security. And a feeling of power."

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., eminent American Historian, Journalist and Cultural Critic

"Each suit is a one off. No other person is going to come into the room with it. It is made for me so it suits me, it enhances me, it makes me feel taller and more confident. This is what you get with a bespoke suit by Maurice Sedwell."

Neil Latchman, International Opera Singer